Welcome to Gentendre! We’re a group of young, largely Australian based, writing enthusiasts who have a shared desire to put our observations, annoyances and general rants about all things gender out there – from identity, feminism, politics, gender identity, dating, religion, sex, genitalia…it’s all there.

Our aim is to inspire interest in these topics from those currently disinterested and dismissive, and to provide a rational, thoughtful forum for those already involved who wish to learn more or join the conversation. We strive for a balanced and considered site, which is why our writers are a diverse mix of religious persuasions, fields of study, gender identities and political leanings. Our articles will range across many topics and many levels of gravity and triviality. We will also endeavour to often include guest writers to keep the mix interesting!

Please feel free to add your voice to the discussion as we strongly believe that one’s mind should always be open to persuasion from good arguments! We aim to provoke intellectual discussion and are happy with dissent, but please try to keep your comments thoughtful and constructive and do your best to resist the reckless abandon that often follows passionate disagreement. We’re doing our best too!

We hope we can ignite a passion, instil a smile and even change a mind.

The Gentendre Team.


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