Anger and Exhaustion: The Marriage Equality Issue

I’m in a real mood tonight. I’m trawling the internet and reading parts of books on purpose to get me riled up. Not sure why I’m doing it. And my topic of choice this evening seems to be marriage equality. Might be because I watched this video  where the leader of a political party in this country can’t bring himself to say that it is offensive to compare homosexuality to paedophilia. Not a tough statement to agree with, really, kind of like saying that you agree it’s offensive comparing elderly country politicians to insufferable ignorant bigots.

I moved onto racism for a while and tormented myself reading comments on articles (“I’m not sure, but is racism a learned (sic) behaviour?”). But I’ve come back to homosexuality. I do like it there. Nothing gets my blood boiling quite like anti-homosexuality. Religion does often actually. And then when they cross over, well, call the neighbours and roast some marshmallows over the steam emitted from my ears. I have just been privileged to view this charming gentleman espouse his very generous and rational views. Haven’t watched the whole thing to be honest. Getting a little too mad.

And that’s the thing; I am mad. Stark-raving sometimes, but mostly just the angry mad. I’m angry that there are people in a modern, educated (might be over-selling Australia here…) country whose every argument against marriage equality can be thwarted once you actually even think for, like, a second about it. And I’m angry that their voices hold the power over our politicians, or that they are the very voices of our politicians. I’m angry that the very loud, collective holler of the freaking normal people is being ignored. I’m angry that the constant need for protesting is tiring the general public of the topic, so I have hear family members say things like, “it’s a non-issue, there are bigger things to be dedicating our time to,” because they’re done hearing about it. In one way they’re right, it really shouldn’t be an issue. The story of gay marriage should have gone like this: Someone goes “Hey, let’s change the definition of marriage to allow same-sex couples to marry.” Law makers go, “Good idea.” The End. But the issue has been fought over and over, with the same arguments just doing the rounds on both sides (my side is right though). So I can see how they’re tired.

But I am more tired of other things. I am tired of religious groups having a stronger say than secular bodies. I am tired of having to point out that every anti-homosexuality/anti-gay marriage argument is completely flawed. I am tired of my sister walking out of the room whenever someone brings up religion, because she can’t control her anger that some nongheads in a pointy building get to dictate this part of her life to her. I am tired of the ignorance, the thoughtlessness, the blatant offensiveness of some public figures like Katter above and this gem from the ACL. And this guy ran as an independent in my local election (and claims to be a psychologist, which sickens me to my core). Gawd! Go. Away.

So I started off mad, and ended up tired. I feel this encapsulates a lot of people’s feelings on this issue. I will make zero impact on this issue with this rant, but it has made me feel better. For the moment. Looking forward to the day where I get to write an article saying. “It finally happened. The End.”